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MRA joins ArchiPro

Showcasing MRA design on ArchiPro

ArchiPro is the all-in-one platform helping Kiwis build their dream. MRA Limited has joined the programme to bring examples of our work to a new audience.

Aiming to reach Kiwis interested in architecture and design products and services the ArchiPro platform allows its contributors to feature built projects, beautifully.

MRA Limited has chosen to feature some of our favourite projects from our past 20 years. Many of these feature a range of concrete construction systems which launched MRA Limited in 2001. Many of our other favourite architectural products including Nu Wall and Louvre Tec are also featured showing the versatility of excellent and durable NZ design products.

Many of our projects have not been photographed, so we thank those clients who have opened their homes to allow photography to share with other clients and prospective clients. We're looking forward to bringing more of our current projects online in the future.

We've loved working with ArchiPro (thanks to Tina & Sophia) while setting up our profile, it's great to see MRA through fresh eyes. We also love the quality and functionality of the website, which will provide a new portal for clients wanting a one-to-one architectural approach for their next project.

ArchiPro - MRA Limited


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