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Woolshed 'Renovation'

New Build, Old & New Building Material

Recently completed in the Waikato, this Precast Panel project is a weekender for our clients. Compact on accommodation, big on hobby space the design 'imagines' conversion of an old Kiwi Woodshed. External Precast Panels have a creosote weatherboard aesthetic or an aged patina, Re-cycled timber beams are exposed to provide connection to the 'old' building elements. The Open-plan living space is centred around an over-scale concrete fireplace. 

So many recycled features in this build. Our client was intrepid in her pursuit of the right elements to add to the design. We are loving the choice of recycled timbers as sarking and feature cladding.

The 'Woolshed' is found as you would expect, against a tree-line windbreak, across a concrete panel footbridge at the bottom of the paddock.

The Landscape Consultant is enthused with created an 'aged' garden - complete with the old picket fence feature which will be planted with a rambling rose. We wonder who will be the first to suggest it's time to 'paint the fence'.

For more information about this project, or to begin a special project of your own please contact us.


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