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hAPPy Times at MRA

Apps for new ways of working

Apps are increasingly providing new ways of connecting and organising our lives, at work as well as at play. 

At MRA we've been exploring Apps (applications) to see which ones offer our clients an increased interactive experience as their project proceeds.

For about 3 years we have used Dropbox to transfer large files - a must with our hand drawn Plans which we produce in PDF format. This allows us to invite subcontractors and suppliers into the process - although we've learned that sometimes new users make things disappear!

Our new find is to use Trello (an organisation App) which acts like a big white board, where the 'post-it' notes can updated, moved or archived as the project continues.

Sketches, photos, quotes, notes, web-links, emails and everything else you can think of can be put on the 'board'. Everyone can view in their own time, and comment. Ideas can be grouped, and re-grouped. 'Cards' - the post-its of the system, can even have their own deadlines added. 
We love the flexibility and the possibility from this App.


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