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Enduring Wow Factor - Concrete Masonry

Enduring Value & Return on architectural investment

Clients often, understandably, question the value of using an architectural design service when contemplating a residential project. In the article linked below we were able to receive feedback about MRA's design choices and recommendations 10 years after the plans were finished. 

The brief was for a hard-wearing, simple design with a contemporary look that was suitable for normal family living. When the property was marketed 10 years later, the agent - and many of the viewers remarked on their surprise at the age of the home, which had not only retained its contemporary appearance, but had withstood the normal rigours of a busy family home.

The use of concrete, a polished finish for the aggregate slab floors; and the stack bonded, clear finished concrete masonry block proved to be both resilient and maintained an easy elegance. Selection of these materials combined with MRA's thoughtful planning for a functional family home provided a high return on the original fee input. And made the presentation and sale of the property that much easier.

The property was added to Firth Industries' Inspiration page when the property was marketed 10 years after its construction in 2006.

MRA architectural design provides the Wow factor 10 years old


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