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MRA & Louvre Tec: 20 years on

Timeless design is an underlying aspect to all of our Residential projects. We aim to provide our Clients with design aesthetic and functionality that looks and performs as well decades on, as it does on day one. Former clients will smile when they hear that the MRA colour pallet remains unchanged 17 years after MRA Limited was formed. Black & White solid forms with neutral finishes in aluminium or Silver Pearl powder coating. Although you will see variations on a theme the MRA aesthetic has remained consistent over the years.

Our selected images show a selection of photos from some of our favourite projects - completed between 2001 right through to the past 12 months. 

So to, are the design accessories that we employ to make homes liveable, durable and comfortable. And throughout MRA Limited's history we have continued to specify NZ manufacturer Louvre Tec's product range. We've used Fixed, Adjustable Louvres for privacy and light control; and the fabulous Roof Windows which come with a range of automated functions to allow outdoor spaces to be used all year round.

Our Design Principal Mark Rantin has imagined and specified Louvre Tec products for over 20 years, they remain our Go-To Supplier. 

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