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Privacy at the Beach

Close the Door and Leave the World Behind

This 2012 commission Beach House turned its back on the expected view orientation and instead orients its living areas in the opposite direction, politely turning its back to the street and roofs which lie between the home and the busy beach front. Instead the brief was to focus on the expansive protected views from the opposite end of the site over a golf course (obscured from direct view by a raised mound) and to an estuary beyond. The result was a peaceful and private place in which to unwind.
Easy living

Interior planning focused on providing open areas and flexible room spaces. Interior materials focused on the use of raw material finishes underscoring the relaxed nature of the home's wider beach environment. Feature plywood marked ceilings provide homage to the 20th century bach material pallet.

Family living is located on the first floor allowing full enjoyment of the adjacent views. The outdoor deck is also located here, sheltered from onshore winds prevalent on the opposite side of the home. Master Bedroom, Double Bedroom and Bathroom complete the accommodation on this level.

Reception/ Home Office areas are located at the ground floor entry meaning that a work from home option is easily accommodated. The remaining ground floor plan allows Guest accommodation/studio or family bedroom options.
Exterior materials include masonry, ColourSteel profiled cladding and powder coated aluminium joinery - materials that will endure the harsh coastal conditions.

All perfect for the home's beach location where the style is understated and relaxation is key. Just the place to kick off your jandals...


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