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Imagine 2022

Winter is a great time to reflect and to plan for the future.

New Zealand recently celebrated its very first Matariki national holiday. A holiday that celebrates where we are and who we may become. It's an exciting time to reflect on how we design for the future.

Over the past 2 months we've also reflected on past projects at Omaha Beach, North Auckland where we've been privileged to be involved in various projects in the past 20 years.

And we plan for the future thinking about how our changing world affects our design decisions. 

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Initial consultation costs can be fully credited against either a Feasibility Study (a pre-planning stage where we present information about the design opportunities for your specific site taking into account your brief, town-planning and site topography), or a Full Architectural Design Service contract.

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Working with you, we put the Form to Function around your family and your lifestyle needs. Creating a home that will respond beautifully to the life you want to live. You'll find we get as excited about your project as you do...

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