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Free Initial Consultation

Book a phone consultation with MRA (up to 1 hour) to discuss your project. (Limited spaces available weekly).

Includes initial evaluation of Site information & Council zones, project Brief Outline & Next steps checklist as you prepare to start your project.

We recommend that you provide site photos, and Property File information to maximise the benefit of our discussion.

At the conclusion of the consultation we'll provide you with a brief email confirming the information discussed and our suggestion for next steps.

Phone consultations are limited to one per client project.

Site Potential Investigation Service $990

Site Potential Investigation Package

Inquire about booking MRA to Investigate the development potential options for your site

Package includes

Up to 8 hours MRA consultation & design (standard rate $230 + GST per hour)

Assessment of your Site using Council Property Information and Controls

1 Concept design (bulk & location) provided in PDF format

Report summary of development option and further information/services required for further design services

Happy Easter from us at MRA

We're looking forward to moving forward to a busy winter season next week. But for the next few days we're going to enjoy some time out. Put your feet up and enjoy some 'me' time with those that matter.


New clients look forward to the day when their home is ready to move in. Many MRA clients continue to live in their homes long-term. We enjoy hearing from previous clients about how their homes have continued to meet their families' needs as the decades roll on.


MRA Architectural Project Team

Working with you, we put the Form to Function around your family and your lifestyle needs. Creating a home that will respond beautifully to the life you want to live. You'll find we get as excited about your project as you do...

Our Perspective

Natural Habitat

2020 has been about appreciating our own backyard. So it's fortunate that we live on a large suburban site with established native and exotic plantings. 

Restoring the garden originally created to a well-thought out design has been a journey of discovery and original features. One such discovery has been garden edging that runs around the entire site perimeter which defines the original garden beds from the lawn. At each boundary corner the edging changes direction to create a triangular corner. Such precision and care. 

Our custodian-ship is being observed by native Tui and Fantails (Piwakawaka).

Our Garden is home to Tui & Piwakawaka
Our Garden is home to Tui & Piwakawaka

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