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Most clients intend to spend many years in their new home. It is important to integrate a design aesthetic that complements MRA design, and looks great for many years as well as ensuring high quality function. Throughout the years we have been providing residential design we have chosen to include louvres, screens and roof windows in our design, and to specify LouvreTec NZ product.

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Gay Webb Torso #1

141st Otago Art Society Exhibition 10 June - 6 July - Dunedin Railway Station

During the Visit to Dunedin last in June we enjoyed viewing the OAS exhibition that had just opened. Great to see some Dunedin Art and a number of exhibits caught our interest. We may have accidentally made a purchase... we waited patiently for the exhibition to close and for 'our' exhibit to be couriered. 

Here it is installed on our Entry Wall, against the 1958 painted, grooved hardboard.

We think its the perfect setting. I hope the artist will approve.

Intricate tiled stairs

The Dunedin Railway Station, designed by George Troup. The mosaic floor consists of almost 75,000 Minto tiles - each stair includes the NZR monogram.

Tiled History

The visit to Dunedin led us to contemplate the use of mosaic tiles in early interior design. During a visit to the Northern Club in Auckland a couple of weeks back for a Book Launch the entry lobby immediately caught my eye. Mosaics have recently re-emerged as a 'new' aesthetic. Its good to remember that design is cyclic.

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Walking on Mt Maunganui Beach, North Island, New Zealand

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