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Business as (un)Usual

March 20, 2020
While many businesses are busy making big changes to continue operating in this environment, at MRA we are privileged to already have a well established and functional work environment based in our home. All of our usual supply and service partners are open and working. Over the past couple of...
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Working with you, we put the Form to Function around your family and your lifestyle needs. Creating a home that will respond beautifully to the life you want to live. You'll find we get as excited about your project as you do...

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Just Our Cup of Tea - A Yellow Polka Dot ...

We've been loving summer and the new clients we've met over the past 2 months. This recent acquisitions a Susie Cooper Polka Dot Trio in Yellow combines the fun and sunny social themes of summer brilliantly. The back stamp indicates production between 1950-1966.

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We have projects in different stages this month. Its great to be able to balance design work with consent work, which allows us to work around Council timelines (loops?) and keep all projects moving forward. And also excellent to see projects in construction moving to a conclusion. We enjoyed a very pleasant lunch with clients north of Auckland last Friday where we were able to chat about their successful project and how they can now enjoy moving into a new phase of their busy lives.

We also received a message from a Client at the beginning of the design process, apologising for presenting as they thought 'absurd' ideas. We were happy to assure them that our design process (Sketch Plan stage) allows plenty of time and space to explore different ideas and find practical solutions to incorporating all the things that contribute to their lifestyle, in their project. Working one-to-one with Mark by phone, email and face-to-face is part of the MRA design experience. We love it, and we work hard to explore all the possibilities for a successful project that delivers the home you want.

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